Minelab GPZ 7000


Never before had Minelab developed a gold and depth detector as multifunctional, powerful, easy to use and efficient, ultimate as this one.

This unbeatable detector gives extreme depths for gold (up to 40% * deeper than the GPX series), for ultimate gold prospecting performance in all terrain conditions.

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High-End Gold Detector

Extreme depth performance

Strong sensitivity to small parts

Never before has Minelab developed such a multifunctional, powerful, easy-to-use and efficient, ultimate gold and depth detector as this one.

Detector with the best gold nugget depth performance

Minelab again improved your multifunctional, powerful and efficient gold and depth detectors. With the strongest depth performance ever! The further development of the GPX 5000. A completely new digital control system allows the user to optimally tune the GPZ 7000 for all search needs. Ready-made search programs optimize the search even under the most difficult conditions, whether in treasure or gold hunting in general, under special requirements or simply when searching an area. Access to a number of different functions and settings allows the user to make his own settings and to save them. This allows everyone to achieve the best possible success and the lowest result.

ZVT (Zero Voltage) and MPS technology

The GPZ 7000 works with the well-known ZVT (Zero Voltage) and MPS technology patented by Minelab. Two different currents, which are additionally coupled to a dual-pulse induction transmitter frequency, help the GPZ 7000 to achieve incredible, previously incomparable penetration depths. The strongest performance is achieved on gold or natural gold (gold nuggets) and especially on highly mineralized and salty soils it stands out from the competition.

Simple menu navigation

The user-friendly menu allows easy selection of settings. Use the guide to get started. You don't have to be an expert to find gold.

Maximum gold sensitivity

The incredible golf sensitivity of the GPZ 7000 thanks to the D-coil gives you the ultimate advantage on the field. Find gold that other seekers have missed, from small nuggets under 1g to giant gold nuggets.

Wireless Audio

Search without the annoying cable on your headphones. The WM audio module makes it possible to choose between the built-in speaker and your included wireless headphones. 

Precise ground balancing

Most of the gold is buried in mineralized, ''difficult'' soil, where most detectors fail. The GPZ 7000 balances precisely here and automatically adapts to the most difficult ground conditions.

GPS Location & PC Mapping

Track your location and register the locations where you found the gold. With the built-in GPS module, you can effectively cover more area and you won't miss any more gold nuggets! Draw your favorite locations by easily setting them on Google Maps with XChange2.

Enhanced noise immunity

The superior noise immunity of the GPZ 7000 enables pleasant and quiet searching. With 256 channels, unwanted noises and sounds can be blocked out. You can therefore fully concentrate on the gold tones!

Waterproof search coil up to 1 meter

The GPZ 14 coil is waterproof and submersible up to 1 meter water depth. Thus, you can easily search in rivers and on banks. In addition, the waterproof design of the GPZ 700 allows you to search in the rain.

Spécifications techniques:

Applications: Land , Shallow water , Freshwater beach , Saltwater beach , Highly mineralized soils

Kind: Digital , Motion

Technology: Pulse induction

Search coil: 35 x 33 cm (14 x 13") waterproof DD search coil

Weight: 3.32 kg

Linkage: Adjustable, round boom from 117 to 153 cm

Watertightness: Search coil waterproof

Headphone: 6.3 mm headphone jack

Type and number of batteries: Li-Ion Battery

Battery: Approx. 8 hours

Depth range small objects (euro coin): Approx. 50 cm

Depth range large objects: Approx. 180 cm

Number of search modes: 3

Service: Pushbuttons

Built-in wireless module: Yes

Target group: Advanced, Professionals, Gold Prospectors

Battery level readable: Yes

Depth range readable: No

Soil mineralization readable: No

Ground balancing: Automatic and manual floor balancing

Sensitivity setting: 20 sensitivity levels

Pinpoint function: No

Discrimination against undesirable objects: No

Notch filter: No

Object identification by audio sounds: No

Object identification readable: No

Conductance display: No

Responsiveness: Fast

Volume: Yes, in 20 levels

Display illumination: Yes

Key illumination: No

Search coil illumination: No

Vibration as a signal: No

Online Software Update: No

Frequency changer: No

Threshold (background tone): Yes, 50 levels and 100 pitches

Multilingual operating software: English only

Contenu de la livraison :

  • Minelab GPZ7000 Metal Detector
  • 35 x 33 cm (14 x 13") waterproof search coil with coil protection
  • Battery with charger
  • Koss Headphones
  • Minelab Pro-Swing 45
  • Operating instructions
  • 2 years warranty

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