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Minelab CTX 3030 + Coil "6" Free

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The Minelab CTX 3030 is a multi-frequency detector with built-in GPS and wireless audio options in a slim design. It is completely waterproof ( IP67) up to 3 meters underwater! Choose between a compact 6" (standard) search reel or a large 17" (Pro) search reel as a free supplement.

With a color display, digital depth display and sensitivity field, you have a better chance of finding hidden treasures, even in areas that have already been searched.

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Integrated GPS

Wireless Audio

Waterproof up to 3 m

The CTX 3030 is a multi-frequency detector with built-in GPS and wireless audio options in a slim design. It is completely waterproof (according to IP67) up to 3 meters under water! Choose between a compact 6" search coil (standard) or large 17" search coil (Pro) as a free extra.

Integrated GPS module

You search, and the detector display shows all the target data you need to find more treasures – you won't miss a thing! With color display, iron and conductivity numbers, numerical depth display and the sensitivity field, you have better opportunities to come across well-hidden treasures even in already searched places or in areas with a lot of scrap.

GPS aids allow probers to navigate to a specific point and mark interesting spots along their path. With the CTX 3030, a separate handheld GPS device is no longer required. Navigation, recording of finds and mapping are now possible with the help of GPSi technology and the XChange 2 application. Your world of discovery can now be easily managed on your PC. With XChange 2, you can store and retrieve a combination of find, detector, and position data. This information can also be displayed in Google Maps. It has never been so easy to accurately document your sondel excursions and plan your next treasure hunt.

FBS 2 Multifrequency

Uses multi-frequency transmission and sensor-to-detector data communication to locate more objects in variable ground conditions.

XChange 2

By connecting the CTX 3030 to XChange 2, you can transfer data about WayPoints, FindPoints and GeoHunts from and to your PC (an Internet connection is required to view Google Maps). All of your personal discovery data is stored locally and securely on your PC and is not accessible to third parties over the Internet. Add comments and photos to your discoveries and/or searches. Important detection data can now be stored in a central location via a single PC application. You can categorize the target types, color them on your maps, and arrange them in collective folders. You can create an unlimited database of your explorer data for later use.

Create new WayPoints to navigate when looking for new places of interest.Edit, rename, and download finds, detector settings, and location data on your CTX 3030 to support your next search. The versatility of the XChange 2 knows no bounds except your imagination. Evolve your game plan, track current treasure trends, and identify potential treasure locations. You can also share your favorite detector settings and make interesting discoveries accessible to friends. With XChange 2 you will discover new possibilities for treasure hunt trips.


With this versatile metal detector, you can go on a journey of discovery anywhere. The CTX 3030 is waterproof up to 3 m, so you can go on a treasure hunt very flexibly on land and in the water.

 Optimal FeCo differentiation

With the target resolution according to iron (Fe) and conductivity (Co) as well as the adjustable sound recognition profiles, you can better recognize your desired targets and ignore the remaining targets. With goal tracking and goal separation, you can see multiple targets at the same time and get accurate search results. 

Different languages

You can choose from different menu languages: English, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish or Turkish.

Wireless Audio

You can also use the detector without connected headphones. With the WM 10 wireless module, you can use the built-in speaker, the included headphones or your own headphones. 

Ergonomic design

The design is very well balanced; the weight of the battery is completely behind the armrest and thus allows a comfortable holding. The detector can be fully customized to your requirements.

Spécifications techniques:

Applications: Land , Shallow water , Underwater , Freshwater beach

Kind: Digital , Motion

Technology: Simultaneous multi-frequency

Search frequency: 1.5 to 100 kHz

Search coil: 28 cm (11") waterproof DD search coil, 43 x 30 cm (17 x 12") waterproof DD search coil

Weight: 2.36 kg

Linkage: Boom adjustable from 94 - 140 cm

Watertightness: Waterproof up to 3 m, control unit splash-proof, search coil waterproof

Headphone: Yes

Type and number of batteries: Li-ion battery or 8 x AA battery

Battery: Approx. 12 hours

Depth range small objects (euro coin): Approx. 40 cm

Depth range large objects: approx. 150 cm

Number of search modes: 10 search modes

Service: Pushbuttons

Built-in wireless module: Wireless audio module (WM10) included

Target group: Advanced, Professionals

Battery level readable: Yes, in 3 stages

Depth range readable: No

Soil mineralization readable: No

Ground balancing: Auto-compensation and auto-ground calibration

Sensitivity setting: 30 sensitivity levels

Pinpoint function: Yes

Discrimination against undesirable objects: Yes

Notch filter: Yes

Notch Volume: No

Object identification by audio sounds: Yes, 50 tones

Object identification readable: No

Conductance display: Yes, graphical representation of iron probability and conductance

Responsiveness: Fast

Volume: Yes, 25 levels

Display illumination: Yes, 10 levels

Key illumination: No

Search coil illumination: No

Vibration as a signal: No

Online Software Update: Yes

Frequency changer: Yes, 11 frequency channels

Threshold (background tone): Yes, 50 levels and 30 pitches

Multilingual operating software: 9 menu languages

Contenu de la livraison :

  • Minelab CTX 3030 Metal Detector
  • 28 cm (11") waterproof DD search coil with coil protection
  • 15 cm (6") waterproof DD search coil with coil protection
  • Battery with charger
  • Replacement Battery Module
  • Koss UR30 Headphones
  • Minelab Software XChange 2 with USB cable
  • Operating instructions
  • 2 years warranty

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