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The Safari is a user-friendly metal detector with modern differentiation features. This detector is ideal for high performance treasure hunting. With a safari you can search anytime, anywhere. 

And now on offer with a Minelab Find Bag and a free Pro-Find 35 .

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Pinpoint Exact Localization

Now with free Pro-Find 35 pinpointer and Minelab found bag!

The Safari is an easy-to-use metal detector with modern distinguishing features. This detector is ideal for high-performance treasure hunting. With a safari, you can search anytime, anywhere.

Search on multiple frequencies

Many detectors on the market only work with a single frequency. Minelab engineers have found that only one frequency does not work evenly and successfully on all soils. Factors that influence this are e.B soil mineralization, iron scrapping, object depth and object size. All these things affect a monofrequency detector very strongly.

Superior Detection and Management of Soil Mineralization

The Minelab Safari Metal Detector uses superior detection and management of soil mineralization. Unlike other techniques, he uses digital filters to eliminate them. The Minelab Safari combines all the working frequencies that are necessary: low frequencies from 1.5 kHz to detect deep and large objects and high frequencies up to 100 kHz to find particularly small objects - FBS (Full Band Spectrum) technology with 28 frequencies simultaneously! Its FBS technology uses an extended frequency spectrum as well as automatic sensitivity and ground compensation. This allows you to search on a wide variety of soil types, in the park as well as on salty beaches. The notching function, displayed conductance values and sound IDs make identification easy and automatically reject scrap. Scrap hiding improves performance in areas with a high scrap content, where coins, artifacts, and jewelry are right next to unwanted targets.

Spécifications techniques:

Applications: Land , Shallow water , Freshwater beach , Saltwater beach , Highly mineralized soils

Kind: Digital , Motion

Technology: VLF (Very Low Frequency)

Search frequency: 1.5 to 100 kHz

Search coil: 28 cm (11") waterproof DD search coil

Weight: 1.7 kg

Linkage: Linkage adjustable by cam locks from 105 - 137 cm

Watertightness: Search coil waterproof

Headphone: 6.3 mm headphone jack

Type and number of batteries: 8 x AA battery

Battery: Approx. 20 hours

Depth range small objects (euro coin): Approx. 40 cm

Depth range large objects: approx. 150 cm

Number of search modes: 5 search modes: All metals, jewelry, coins, relics and custom

Built-in wireless module: No

Target group: Advanced

Battery level readable: Yes

Depth range readable: Yes

Soil mineralization readable: No

Ground balancing: Automatic and manual floor balancing

Sensitivity setting: 21 sensitivity levels

Pinpoint function: Yes

Discrimination against undesirable objects: Yes, 50 segments can be discriminated against

Notch filter: Yes, in 50 segments

Notch Volume: No

Object identification by audio sounds: Yes

Object identification readable: Yes

Conductance display: Yes

Responsiveness: Fast

Volume: Yes

Display illumination: No

Key illumination: No

Search coil illumination: No

Vibration as a signal: No

Online Software Update: No

Frequency changer: Automatic interference suppression

Threshold (background tone): Yes

Multilingual operating software: English only

Contenu de la livraison :

  • Minelab Safari Metal Detector
  • 28 cm (11") waterproof DD search coil with coil protection
  • Battery slot for 8 x Mignon AA batteries or rechargeable batteries
  • Minelab Found Bag
  • Pro-Find 35 Pinpointer
  • Operating instructions
  • 2 years warranty

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